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speak-or-get-out.jpgAre you looking for a fancy way to improve your English skills? English in Třebíč (ET) may be the right choice for you. Read on, you might want to join us. All is for free.

We are a group of people, who are willing to learn English on their own. Currently, we organize (ET's) Conversation Group, where you can practise your speaking skills and at the same time we are working on some new projects. The website is intended to be educational, so you can both learn many new things at (ET's) Study Page and find a lot of useful links concerning studying English at (ET's) Tips - Try them out.

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Business English

11. 5. 2015

A few sites with the useful business phrases ...

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Halloween night 2013

29. 10. 2013

Come and enjoy the Halloween night on Thursday October 31st  at Lucky's at 7p.m. There's going to be "The best party costume" competition so we'd very much like to see you dressed in something fancy. The costume can be either scary or just cute. It's up to you. Actually, you don't have to wear anything special if you don't want to, just come and enjoy the night while chatting with other people in English.


69th English Meeting (this time with a special topic)

17. 6. 2013

book-smook.pngCome to the 69th English meeting and bring along books, magazines or study materials that you don't need anymore and sell them to the others! You can bring anything considering English language .Put a price tag on the book together with your name, put it on display on a table and the market can start :-)
We are looking forward to seeing you at Restaurace Černý dům on Thursday June 20 at 7 p.m. Don't forget to take a happy conversational spirit with you :-)


Two weeks at Hastings language school with Student Agency

17. 6. 2013

has_03.jpgThe end of the last year's holiday I spent two weeks studying English in Hastings. It had been my third time in this city. The reason I went there repeatedly was simply because I always liked this place and specially the HELC school. Every time I was there I enjoyed it greatly and made many new fantastic friends. Additionally everything was smoothly organised by Student Agency. Even though, it took me quite a while to finish the report on my stay, I finally made it.


Saint Patrick's Day 2013 at Lucky's

10. 3. 2013

St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday March 17th, is fast approaching. You can celebrate this typical Irish anniversary in Třebíč, too. Where? There is a simple answer for this - in Original Irish Pub Lucky's. There is a special programme going on.

Do you know what shamrock or Leprechaun mean?

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The 52nd (ET's) Conversation Group

16. 2. 2013

The 52nd (ET's) Conversation Group is held on Thursday February 21st at 7 p.m. at Infinity Cafe Bar in Kočičina (Třebíč). This meeting is open for everybody. Don't be shy and come to join the group

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Alligator's funny pictures

9. 2. 2013

alligator-purse.jpgHere's a set of pictures with a special subject: ALLIGATORS of all kinds.

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Dirty Jokes

9. 2. 2013

dirty-jokes.jpgLike children playing in the mud, we all like a bit of filth! This is a collection of the new and the classic lairy laughs. I will be adding more of them along the way. If you are easily offended I suggest not reading them.


50th English Meeting / One-Year Anniversary

12. 1. 2013


first-anniversary.jpgThe beginnings of  a "project" for starting a conversation group in Třebíč were rather humble. Just a handful of people eager to talk in English gathered for the first meeting approximately a year ago. At the start, the idea of holding such an event was pretty vague, without any special plan and  expectations. The goal was clear, though - to practice English in real life. This article is supposed to highlight the milestons of the Group so far.


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47th English Meeting

11. 1. 2013

211201_376414135780853_770166147_n.jpgThe 47th (ET's) Conversation Group is held on Thursday  January 17th at 7 p.m. at Cafe Bar Holiday. This meeting is open for everybody. Don't be shy and come to join the group