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(ET's) Tips - Try them out

try_this.jpegOn this page you can find interesting or useful links. The TOP 10 are:

(X) - a special article + my % rating

1) Helpforenglish - free English (95)

2) TED - listening to real English (90)

3) Elllo Listening - podcasts (90)

4) Videojug - HOW TO ... set of 60,000+ educational videos (90)

5) Free Rice - learn new English words and help end hunger around the world (85)

6) Listen to English - Learn English - many interesting video podcasts (85)

7) BBC learning English, Radio, BBCCzech.com (archive) (80)

8) Test your vocabulary Size - test your passive vocabulary range (80)

9) English Central - improve your pronaunciation by watching videos and repeating

10) Go the "Others" page where you can find many more interesting sites

I'll try to keep this chart updated and whenever I have found something that's worth mentioning I place it here.




Radio Prague

20. 6. 2012


Listening to the radio in English can help improve your comprehending skills. There are several reknowned websites that offer listening to their radio programes on-line. Some of them are British, some are Americans - pick the one according to your accent preferences. Today, however, I'd like to introduce you a Czech radio - Radio Prague. Read on.

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Your dictionary - dictionary with pictures

6. 5. 2012

yourdictionary.jpegI always recommend using English - English dictionaries. When you are looking for some words, it is better to stay in English language. Switching between Czech and English all the time just distracts your attention. The definitions in these dictionaries are clear and easy to understand. Sometimes, however, it's difficult to imagine what the particular word you've looked up represents. And in this case Your dictionary can help - it has pictures.

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Useful or intresting sites

27. 4. 2012

Not all the sites that I strongly recommend I managed to squeeze inthe main page. Those that haven't made it to the main page are listed in the following article. Some of them have even (ET's) rating.

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Goodreads - it's what your friends are reading

23. 4. 2012

goodreads.jpegApril 23rd is celebrated as the World Book Day. It's organized by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing and copyright. This date is incidentally an anniversary of the birth and death of William Shakespeare. On that occasion I'd like to introduce the website called Goodreads, which I use very often to catalogize the books I've read or the books I intend to read in the future.

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Videojug (HOW TO ....)

18. 4. 2012

videojug_iii.jpegVideojug is a set of 60,000+ free, professionally-produced 'how to' videos and guides. Videojug provides expert solutions & step-by-step advice on getting good at life. What I like most about this site is that there are transcriptions to almost all videos. Read more inside the article.

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Zjednodušená četba nebo originály?

8. 4. 2012

 graded_readers.jpegPeople sometimes ask me to give them some tips on what books are there to help them enhance their vocabulary. In my point of view, there are two basic ways. Get Graded Readers books or try to read books in original. Not all of them are difficult.

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Level B2 - Certifikovaná zkouška pro cizince

29. 3. 2012

exam_b2_in_czech.jpgThis page is mainly for my friend Glenn but other people might also want to take a look at what it is like for foreignes to take an exam in Czech - Certifikovaná zkouška pro cizince.  Except for listening part you can try different levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1. One task of B2 level (Use of Czech) is included in the following article. Would you pass? :-)

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Listen to English - Learn English

28. 3. 2012

listen_to_english.jpegListen to English - Learn English is the podcast website for people learning English.

The podcasts on this site will help you to improve your English vocabulary and pronunciation and your listening skills. They are quite short (5 or 6 minutes) and delivered in clearly spoken English. Many of them are linked to grammar and vocabulary notes, or to exercises or quizes.

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English Grammar in Use - Raymond Murphy (video)

28. 3. 2012

egu.jpegEnglish Grammar in Use is one of the most popular self-study refferences for students of English language. In the following video  Raymond Murphy, the man who introduced it to the world, gives us an account of the history behind this book. He also advertises the upcoming 4th edition and it's main features.

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Images Google

18. 3. 2012

images_google.jpgMost of the English dictionaries work with words and explanations. But what if you need to know what a particular word looks like in reality? I offer you an easy but powerful tool to help your imagination.

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