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About Me

About me

Hi, my name is Honza. English is my hobby and in my free time I help other people to improve  their English. It helps me too a great deal.


I successfully passed CAE (Cambridge Advanced English) exam in 2011 and I am a holder of C1 level certificate.


Travelling - I've been to USA and England to improve my language skills.

Sport - cycling, trekking, in-line and ice skating, table tennis.

Reading in English, watching films and TV shows in English.

Photograpy, PC graphics

My profile at www.HELPFORENGLISH.cz (click on the link below)


Hezky česky

Jmenuju se Honza. Angličtina je můj koníček a ve chvílích volna se snažím pomáhat ostatním lidem zlepšit jejich angličtinu.

Prošel jsem mezinárodní zkouškou CAE (Cambridge Advance English) a jsem držitelem certifikátu C1 (podle jednotného evropského referečního rámce).

Hlavním koníčkem je angličtina a s ní spojené aktivity, jako např. čtení knih v originále, sledování filmů a seriálů v původním znění. Dále mám pak rád cestování a sport (kolo, brusle, ping-pong).








Two weeks at Hastings language school with Student Agency

17. 6. 2013

has_03.jpgThe end of the last year's holiday I spent two weeks studying English in Hastings. It had been my third time in this city. The reason I went there repeatedly was simply because I always liked this place and specially the HELC school. Every time I was there I enjoyed it greatly and made many new fantastic friends. Additionally everything was smoothly organised by Student Agency. Even though, it took me quite a while to finish the report on my stay, I finally made it.


The books in English I've read

2. 11. 2012

Ibooks.jpegn the following article you'll find a list of books in English I've read in the last few years.

Each entry consist of a title of the book, name of the author, the date when I finished the book as well as personal estimatiion of  vocabulary range and readability. It doesn't include my rating of the book. That, you can find on my account on www.goodreads.com.


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New York - 3 týdny angličtiny se Student Agency

4. 5. 2012

new_york.jpegLast year I spent three weeks in New York. It was a studying holiday and my goal was both to explore this amazing city and to improve my English skills at the same time. After I got back I wrote a report on my stay there and I decided to place it on this website because I believe some people might be interested in the experience I gained (school, accommodation, transport, etc.). It is all in Czech.

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My first teaching lesson

17. 4. 2012


Yesterday, I had my first "teaching" lesson. It came all of a sudden. My teacher - Hanka -  called me half an hour before the beginning of the lesson and told me she was in trouble. She wasn't feeling well and the other teacher - Glenn - was sick, too. There were two possibilites: either to call the lesson off or find someone else to step in. Hanka asked me to do her a favour and organize the lesson for her. Even though I felt honored, I wasn't sure whether I should take it or not - it was at such a short notice. And how did I do? Well, at least it wasn't fiasco, I hope.

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