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(ET's) Learning By Songs

spanish-learning-using-songs.jpegPage under construction


Are you interested in learning English in more interesting way? We are preparing project (ET's) Learning by Songs.

The lessons will aso be for free but you are expected to order something to drink or if you are sweet- toothed you can try some of various cakes, pies or other pastries.

Keep visiting these sites.We'll let you know as soon as the Learning by Songs is about to start.



Introduction of Coffee Bar Vrátka

23. 2. 2012

coffee_bar_vratka.jpgThis is the place where (ET's) Learning by Songs should take place. But let's learn more about it.

The Coffee bar Vrátka is a little bit different from other coffee bars, because it is operated by handicapped people which means for them a possibility to get involved in common life.

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